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What Could You Achieve?

Join the growing community of people who have been inspired to step into their most confident and competent self as a result of working with me. What kind of life have you always dreamed of creating for you and those you touch? The only thing that limits you is your imagination.


My Story

I'm committed to helping others move past fear of the unknown or being different. In my view, there is no better way to approach life than to be open to continuously learn and transform. Through doing this, we can create opportunity after opportunity to experience more of the richness of life.

Raised by parents who believed in achievement as a strategy for navigating life, I was pushed to excel at school, before going on to study Geography with Philosophy at Oxford University.

Since graduating in 2006, my degree, along with my friendly personality, opened all sorts of doors. I worked for the best part of 14 years as an Executive Assistant alongside leadership teams in IT, education, consumer goods and financial services. Additionally, with a need to indulge my need for adventure and connection with a diverse range of people, I punctuated my corporate career by working in hospitality and club promotions in Europe, and travelling in Asia.

I have a deep personal interest in mysticism, and ideas that bridge science and spirituality. This is because by far my most difficult challenge as an adult has been to integrate the profound spiritual awakening and Near Death Experience I went through in 2005. I know that many other people have a need to integrate traumatic visions and experiences, and I enjoy being of service to others by both being an example of someone who has regained peace of mind following a long period of inner conflict, and enabling my clients to discover the best healing routines and strategies for them.

I began to study and practice coaching in 2012, and I know that, as a practice, it's highly appropriate for addressing mental health challenges. This is because coaching both recognises the impact of our programmed values and beliefs in our attitudes and choices, and also gives us tools to move past unconscious programs that sabotage our happiness and success. I also incorporate breathing and visualisation exercises into my work, in order to bring my clients out of a conflicted mind, and into the body, so the old patterns have more chance of being released. 

I look forward to learning about your story, gifts, and challenges, and I hope you will complete whichever programme is right for you with feelings of deep inner peace, clarity, and self-confidence.


Services Tailored to YOUR Needs

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Stuck in a rut? Struggling with loss of the past? Trapped in a job that doesn't fulfil you? Or are you already delighted with the abundant life you have and seeking ways to share that abundance and joy with as many people as possible?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, my Transpirational Coaching programme could be for you.

Get creative designing your new life and character, and receive support to grieve the past, in order to enable more hope and opportunities to blossom.

Through the power of unconditional self-acceptance, you will be empowered to re-connect with your dream reality, and bring it into existence peacefully and harmoniously. 

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Therapy Office


Many people who experience a Spontaneous Spiritual Awakening find that they access an overwhelming amount of information from other timelines and dimensions, as well as the collective archetypal unconscious.

Receiving this information can be both illuminating and traumatic, and mainstream mental health services are  often ill-equipped to help an individual integrate the experience and find grounding in their body. 

As a Universal Life Church ordained minister who also has lived experience of awakening, I am uniquely placed to coach you through your integration journey. I share my awakened frequency through Compassion, Understanding, Presence, Curiosity, and Playful Speech. 

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Is your Inner Critic running your life and constantly telling you you're not good enough, or not worthy of love, success, respect or fulfilment?

Join my 1-1 coaching programme and learn tools to disconnect from a conflicted mind, so you can feel grounded and fulfilled day-to-day. Includes theory and practice of:

  • The Power of Now 

  • Buddhist Meditation

  • Nonviolent Communication

  • Heart Coherence Practices

to maintain a calm and compassionate inner space. Delight in excelling in your field, while also really relaxing and enjoying your successes.​

Are you ready to tame your inner critic and feel safe, loved and inspired in all your activities?

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Have you done loads of self-help, and now looking to walk the talk?

Are you still surrounded by people who need you to be someone other than yourself in order to fit in? Are you struggling to connect with your own identity and make independent choices as a result?

In order to fully move into your healed life, you need to FIND YOUR TRIBE, who will support you with your new relationships, projects and endeavours.

This coaching programme will connect you to your inner alignment, so you can be confident expressing your strengths, and practice tuning in to genuinely fulfilling and authentic connections.

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Success Stories

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"I warmly recommend Emily to you. She is an immensely compassionate person with an extremely acute intellect. She is gentle and searching. I have long been interested in having regular counselling sessions but have not yet found anyone who is not shackled by some bureaucratic procedures, rules and limitations."



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